Who You Gonna Call? Sen. Ron Johnson Better Phone A Lawyer.

Stephen Colbert’sLate Show” loved that Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) pretended to take a nonexistent phone call when reporters peppered him with questions about a slate of fake electors that his office pushed last year.

“I’m on the phone,” Johnson snapped at the time.

“No, you’re not,” the reporter fired back. “I can see your screen.”

According to “The Late Show,” Johnson’s time would have been much better spent dialing an attorney:

If a journalist asks about your coup, who you gonna call?


You could ring a friend, but you have so few.

What you gonna dial?

No number!

I won’t fall for no hoax.

Could’ve called Moviefone about “Top Gun II.”

Instead who did you call?

Oops, no one! Wow.

Fake elector sham is exposed, you’re screwed.

Now who should you call?

A lawyer!

Johnson said he had nothing to do with the fake slate of electors. However, texts revealed that his chief of staff tried to arrange a meeting in which Johnson would hand-deliver the slate to then-Vice President Mike Pence.

Now Johnson is claiming “some staff intern” wanted an envelope delivered to Pence and his office tried to arrange it, but he had not idea who sent it or what it was, according to The Washington Post.

In response, Colbert has named Johnson the “dumbest person ever to sit in the United States Senate.”

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