Uh oh! Sen. Ron Johnson’s Jan. 6 alibi says he hasn’t spoken to ‘Johnson since 2011’

The Heartland Signal just tweeted out an interview with Kelly where he says he hasn’t spoken to Johnson since 2011. My being a math expert, that would be more than a decade. This matches up with the statement released by Kelly’s office saying: “Mr. Kelly has not spoken to Sen. Johnson for the better part of a decade, and he has no knowledge of the claims Mr. Johnson is making related to the 2020 election.” When Kelly was asked about Johnson’s allegations against him, he smiled, laughed, and then said: “All I can tell you is that I have not talked to Ron Johnson since 2011. Never talked to him during this whole election cycle. And I think there’s a continuing difference in what he says took place.”

Picture of sad sack.

Kelly went on to say, “I have no knowledge of anything taking place, and quite frankly, when you ask people what is it he’s saying we did, I say ‘Really? Why would someone think a congressman from Pennsylvania would have anything to do with the election procedure in Wisconsin?’” Asked why Johnson called him out publicly, Kelly said he hasn’t talked to him and has no idea.

An important reminder here: Kelly is no fan of democracy. He has tried to squash mail-in voting in his state, and the GOP in Pennsylvania has been particularly zealous in their pursuit of MAGA-fascism. Whether or not he was promised leniency on the dubious stock purchases his wife has made while he has sat in office, his role in overturning our democracy is not known.

Regardless, Johnson has long understood beyond a doubt that the elections were not stolen, and any actions on his part—or even lip service he gave to these lies—make him an accomplice.


Maybe Johnson can find a door to run into and lock and then pretend he isn’t even here anymore? Here’s a reminder of the fake elector machinations Trump and his minions worked tirelessly on, and their intended purpose.


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