Trump’s antisemitic propaganda machine fakes photo of judge who signed Mar-a-Lago search warrant

Since the announcement of the raid on Monday, conservatives online and on screens have been working to tie Reinhart to President Barack Obama as well as to former Trump buddy and serial rapist, child molester, and human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. The former connection is silly as Reinhart has donated to both parties pretty routinely and is married to a then-Gov. Rick Scott appointee. The latter connection has to do with representing a handful of Epstein’s employees in early 2008. The misinformation here is that many on the right are implying Reinhart was Epstein’s personal lawyer, making him a possible pedophile and criminal.

Reinhart and his family are now the target of angry online pieces of shit, trolling in their fascist incel cyber spaces. As VICE reports, everyone in Reinhart’s family and private circle are targets of online extremists. A spokesperson for the U.S. Marshals told the news outlet: “The U.S. Marshals are responsible for the protection of the federal judicial process, and we take that responsibility very seriously. While we do not discuss our specific security measures, we continuously review the measures in place and take appropriate steps to ensure the integrity of the federal judicial process.”

On Thursday, Brian Kilmeade—best known for having the emotional fortitude of a young third-grader—stood in for Tucker Carlson on Carlson’s evening show. How did he open his show? With a clearly doctored photo showing convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell giving a foot massage to Reinhart on a private jet. Kilmeade flashes the photo and continues his opening monologue while smirking. It is that smirk that is supposed to give him plausible deniability in the matter. It’s that smile that is supposed to imply that this is satire and not something he and Fox News can be sued for.

But the damage is done. Whether or not people believe that is a real photo, they can believe that the connection to Epstein is intimate, based on nothing. Considering how much evidence there is that Donald Trump and Epstein hung out in intimate situations, it is sickening to watch such projection of true moral degradation on the part of Kilmeade and his producers.

To be clear, this isn’t a heavy lift at this point in the propaganda factory that is Fox news. The entire GOP machine has been promoting a sometimes vague, most of the time right-on-the-nose antisemitic global conspiracy for decades now, vacuuming in everything from President Barack Obama being a secret Kenyan Muslim to Hillary Clinton murdering a former friend to hide land dealings.

It is the kind of stuff that has led to a rise in antisemitic incidents of harassment and crime and assholes like this one, trying to overthrow our government.


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