The 1/6 Committee Is Investigating Bannon And Meadows For Coordinating Trump’s Coup With Members Of Congress

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) stated that the 1/6 Committee desires to speak to Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows about conversations that they had with Republican members of Congress.

Video of Rep. Schiff:

Rep. Schiff was requested by Rachel Maddow if Meadows is in the identical boat as Bannon, and he answered:

Properly, they’ve taken probably the most important step in similar vogue. That’s they refuse to even present up. And there are broad classes of questions for each of those males that don’t go, for instance, to any communications between them and Donald Trump. There are communications between, for instance, Steve Bannon and members of congress, between Steve Bannon, and the planners of the January sixth rally on the mall. None of that’s even conceivably lined by any sort of privilege. So in that sense, each males have the identical basic place, weak place, that’s, they merely fail to indicate up, and there isn’t any proper to take action. 

Tlisted below are variations within the sense that Meadows was a present White Home employees member. Steve Bannon hadn’t been within the white home in years. There are variations however finally don’t have an effect on the actual fact there isn’t a immunity to easily say I ain’t displaying up, and that might be probably the most important issue when the committee decides what step is subsequent. 

Someplace in America at this second, Home Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene,  Jim Jordan, Paul Gosar, and Kevin McCarthy all broke out in a chilly sweat.

The 1/6 Committee desires to speak to Bannon and Meadows, not nearly Trump, but in addition about members of Congress that they had been speaking with.

These conversations with members of Congress aren’t lined by any privilege.

It seems to be just like the 1/6 Committee goes to reveal the Republican Trump coup plotters inside Congress.

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