Start your weekend off right: Watch the cute pets and animals currently trending online

This recent video of hers of him knocking over her camera equipment has gone viral, garnering her more than a million social media followers.

But Emmanuel isn’t the only emu to trend online this week.

Another emu and friends went viral after a driver who fled the scene of a crash was attacked by them. According to BBC, a drunk driver who ran from a crash that destroyed a shopfront was detained by a whole flock of emus when he stumbled into their field during his attempt to flee.

“There was this massive screeching and we saw a car careening left, right and center and then it smashed into a building. It was horrible,” Chef Dean Wade, an executive chef who witnessed the incident, said. He noted that the two people involved in the crash then ran.

“I thought it wasn’t fair people could just walk away from that kind of incident, so I decided to follow them,” added Wade. According to Wade, the chase came to an end at the border of the Malmesbury Animal Sanctuary.

“One of them went into the field, and tried to be a bit aggressive towards the emus,” he said. “The emus were curious, and they started pecking away at him, which he didn’t take to.”

Moving on! Next up, we have this groundhog who is taking a break from predicting how long winter will be to brag about how good he is at stealing summer crops. 

I wish I had the guts this little guy has.


Check out this parade of giraffes who are clearly ready to walk the runway.

Of course, can’t forget this live cam footage of Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park in Alaska. It depicts bears eating salmon.

Have any cute animal photos or videos? Share them below! 

Pet photos are always welcome!

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