Simon’s weekly wrap: ‘Easy investing’ is over

City Lodge* released a decent trading update and I spoke with John Loos of FNB Commercial Property Finance about the latest data on hotel revenues. While things are improving, the industry is still well behind pre-pandemic levels as the consumer struggles and business continues to prefer Zoom over flying to meetings. (Read transcript)

The debate between active and passive for your portfolio has been going on ever since the first passive product listed in the US in the 1970s. I spoke with Anton Eser, CIO of 10X Investments, who makes the point that it is a silly debate. Each has its benefits and investors need to use both. The important point is knowing when to use which. (Read transcript)

I spoke with Jacques Plaut, portfolio manager at Allan Gray, on his statement that ‘easy investing’ is over. We can’t just pile into the high-flying tech stocks anymore, as they’ve all seen their prices falling. He believes the new era of investing will be about cash flow and picking strong winners – not just following the herd. (Read transcript)

Paying off one’s home loan is a huge achievement and independent financial planner Marcel Wasserman has some ideas about how to do so early. Rather than the normal paying extra directly into your bond every month, he suggests rather paying extra funds into an investment which grows at a higher rate, and then using that to pay off the loan in one go. (Read transcript)

Also this week:

Reitway Global CIO Garreth Elston on the ‘sleep-well-at-night’ storage sector. (Read transcript)

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