Senate Republicans just can’t stop talking about how much they want to end Social Security

Republicans sure aren’t acting like there’s an election in a few months, and that they might just have a real opportunity to take back the Senate. Look at this weekend’s Inflation Reduction Act, the Democrats’ reconciliation bill that is chock-full of stuff that will be helpful to the American people. Not only did Republicans not support helping people save money on their energy bills and their health insurance, they made sure diabetics have to continue to pay extortionate prices on insulin to stay alive.

That was right on the heels of telling veterans to pound sand in a fit of pique over the reconciliation bill. Back in June, all but 14 Republicans voted with Democrats to make sure veterans who had been exposed to toxic substances, including burn pits, got the benefits and health care a grateful nation owes them. Because Democrats decided to do more to help more people, Republicans inexplicably decided it was smart politics to reverse course and get Jon Stewart and a bunch of really pissed off veterans on their asses. The inevitable result was they had to reverse course again, and cave to doing the right thing.

Republicans really are putting a lot of faith in their ability to rig elections and the idea that it’s going to be a low turnout election where they’ll have the more motivated voters. An election in which they think voters won’t remember all this. Kansas should have disabused them of that notion, but it sure didn’t seem to. They’re blithely moving forward with their very bad ideas that will make many voters angry. Take, for example, seniors.

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