Rep. Raskin promises Rep. Taylor Greene new Jan. 6 revelations during heated committee hearing

Rep. Raskin gave Rep. Greene a reminder of some of the things she’s been quoted as saying into microphones about how the Jan. 6 insurrection wasn’t an insurrection, but also, that if it had been an insurrection, that would have been all right.

Rep. Greene attempted to undercut the question by responding, “Oh, Mr. Raskins, [sic] I know it’s early in the morning, but this is the Rules committee, this isn’t your Trump-derangement committee—that you call the January 6 committee.”

Rep. “Raskins” corrected Mrs. Greene’s mispronunciation of his name and then explained to her that she was there as a witness in support of Second Amendment gun rights—which would allow everyone at all times to carry weapons, of all kinds, anywhere they please—including the Capitol building.

He then leaked a little bit of wisdom to Ms. Greene explaining that considering that on Jan. 6, while “lots of people were armed that day,” by her “logic” everybody could have had a weapon as they stormed the Capitol building, attacked law enforcement, and searched for members of the legislative branch and Vice President Pence.

Rep. Greene, in what has now become a trademarked posture for her, attempted and failed to clap back at Raskin by asking him what “evidence” he had that anyone was armed on Jan. 6, to which Rep. Raskin smiled and responded: “Oh, just wait for it. But when it comes out, presumably you’ll be supporting it, right?”

Greene then attempted to get to her singular talking point, the disembodied two-word “Trump-derangement” back into the conversation, which is hack even by MAGA standards. Raskin wasn’t having it, and reminded Ms. Greene that she doesn’t get to ask questions because she isn’t on the Rules committee.

MTG once again invoked Trump’s name, projecting that onto Raskin, who reminded her that he’s “never mentioned that name, you’ve brought him up.”

On a tough day to be right, this was nice to watch.


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