Mike Lindell Desires Trump Reinstated As a result of He Thinks 23,000 Lifeless Folks VotedIn Wisconsin

Mike Lindell continues to be cracking away at 2020 election conspiracies with the declare that 23,000 useless folks voted in Wisconsin.


Lindell mentioned, “I’m going to indicate you guys in Wisconsin simply an instance how 23,000 folks voted utilizing the identical jail tackle and the identical cellphone quantity. Now quite a bit have been people who turned out, as we dove into it, they’re not alive anymore. They only used their names, clearly. They don’t dwell in Wisconsin.”

Lindell ought to inform this to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who was caught on secret video saying that the election in Wisconsin was not stolen and that Trump misplaced the state as a result of some Republicans voted for Biden.

Mike Lindell is probably the most crazed of the Trump cultist zealots. The election in Wisconsin was not stolen. Donald Trump shouldn’t be going to be restored to the presidency.

It’s over. Joe Biden is president.

Mike Lindell must recover from it and give attention to the truth that if Dominion Voting Techniques wins their lawsuit towards him, they might quickly personal My Pillow.


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