John Oliver Explains The Ugly Actuality Behind The GOP’s 2022 Election Technique

On HBO’s Final Week Tonight, John Oliver checked out Republicans like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott and the 2022 election philosophy behind their actions.


After speaking about DeSantis having no plan to remove Disney’s particular district standing, and Greg Abbott together with his disastrous border truck inspections, together with LA County Sherrif Villaneuva,  Oliver summed up the purpose of their actions.

Oliver mentioned, “The factor is, depressingly, it appears that he’s going to get reelected this yr. Bullying a reporter would possibly truly assist him, identical to DeSantis and Abbott’s dangerous stunts are probably to assist them, As a result of the secret in politics nowadays appears to be much less are you able to assist the most individuals  and extra how a lot can your damage the folks your supporters hate probably the most, even when all voters get in return is a large logistical headache, a twelve-hour visitors jam, and probably the most unwatchable depiction of Southern California since LA-LA Land.”

The stunts that Republicans are pulling to assist themselves on the poll field are an extension of their celebration’s mentality that they need to “personal the libs” at any value.

The publicity stunts are all completed to ship a message to Republican voters that it is a battle for American tradition and that Republicans will do something to win.

Democrats are attempting to assist folks, whereas Republicans are promoting hurting the folks that their voters hate.

The distinction between the events is why it looks like Democrats and Republicans are in numerous universes. It’s also why the stakes for the 2022 midterm have by no means been larger.

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