Group Using West Virginia Model to Create “New California” Serves Gavin Newsome Notice of Constitutional Default

A massive group of concerned citizens and constitutionalists have had enough of the unconstitutional insanity taking place in the state of California.  This group is using the West Virginia model to create a new state that will abide by the US Constitution separate from the state of California.

The New California group has been working for months and years to get away from the radical and unconstitutional actions taken by the current leadership in California.  This group has created its own committees in counties throughout the state.

The New California group claims that they are well on their way to statehood.  Using the same model that West Virginia did during the Civil War, the group of patriots in New California no longer wants to be part of the unconstitutional lunatics running the state.

“We’re Well on Our Way to Statehood” – Paul Preston on Using the West Virginia Model to Create the State of “New California”

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During the Civil War, a group of American patriots broke off from Virginia because they didn’t want to be part of the Confederacy.  These heroes created their own state, West Virginia.

Now a group of patriots in California is doing the same.  The group served notice to Gavin Newsome that the current leadership in the state is in constitutional default.

Declaration Default AAABBB 1 Tyranny We the People by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Because of this, patriots in California want to form “New California” – a state separate from California and they have the support of the people in the state to do it. 

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