Extra from Jacques Baud on the Nature of the Battle in Ukraine

Jacques Baud

Jacques Baud is a person worthy of your consideration. He’s a retired Swiss Military officer and served in a wide range of worldwide posts, together with a stint with NATO (although Switzerland will not be a member of NATO) the place he monitored the movement of small arms within the Donbass and was concerned in a NATO program to help the Ukrainian armed forces in restoring their capacities and bettering personnel administration.

The Postil Journal has posted an interview with Baud that gives helpful insights into Russia and Ukraine and the character of the conflict now being fought. Listed here are some salient factors from that interview (please click on on the hyperlink to learn the whole interview).

In 2014, through the Maidan revolution in Kiev, I used to be in NATO in Brussels. I seen that individuals didn’t assess the scenario because it was, however as they wished it could be. That is precisely what Solar Tzu describes as step one in direction of failure. Actually, it appeared clear to me that no person in NATO had the slightest curiosity in Ukraine. . . .we are likely to painting the enemy as we wished him to be, reasonably than as he truly is. That is the final word recipe for failure. This explains why, after 5 years spent inside NATO, I’m extra involved about Western strategic and army capabilities than earlier than.

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The present conflict has its roots within the occasions of the Maidan in 2014. Merely put, the US and the UK facilitated a coup that eliminated the democratically elected President and changed him with somebody the U.S. and the U.Okay believed they may management. It was within the aftermath of this coup that the individuals of Donetsk and Luhansk declared their independence One impetus for this transfer was the vote of the Ukrainian coverage abolishing the regulation that permitted Russian for use because the second official language in these areas that had been Russian talking.

As soon as the Donbas “republics” declared their independence, the Ukrainian Authorities declared them terrorists and dispatched its military to take management of the area. Regardless of having numerical and materiel superiority, Ukraine totally didn’t dominate Donetsk and Luhansk. Baud provides this perception:

After 2014, Ukrainian armed forces’ command & management was extraordinarily poor and was the reason for their incapability to deal with the revolt in Donbass. Suicide, alcohol incidents, and homicide surged, pushing younger troopers to defect. Even the British authorities famous that younger male people most well-liked to to migrate reasonably than to hitch the armed forces. In consequence, Ukraine began to recruit volunteers to implement Kiev’s authority within the Russian talking a part of the nation. These volunteers ere (and nonetheless are) recruited amongst European far-right extremists. In accordance with Reuters, their quantity quantities to 102,000. They’ve turn into a sizeable and influential political power within the nation.

One of many myths readily swallowed within the West is that Russian troops entered Ukraine in 2014 and fought alongside the individuals within the Donbass who had been preventing the Ukrainian Military. Baud says this isn’t true:

The Western narrative of a Russian intervention in Ukraine bought traction, though it was by no means substantiated. Since 2014, I haven’t met any intelligence skilled who might affirm any Russian army presence within the Donbass. Actually, Crimea turned the primary “proof” of Russian “intervention.” After all, Western historians ignore fantastically that Crimea was separated from Ukraine by referendum in January 1990, six months earlier than Ukrainian independence and beneath Soviet rule. Actually, it’s Ukraine that illegally annexed Crimea in 1995. But, western international locations sanctioned Russia for that…

Take into consideration this for a minute–if the Ukrainian Military couldn’t defeat the militias within the republics of Luhansk and Donetsk over the past eight years, how on this planet is that Military going to defeat the Russian Military? It’s delusional.

Baud additionally feedback on the function that the US and Europe performed in coaching and equipping right-wing Ukrainian extremists who espoused anti-semitism and racial purity:

In October 2021, the Jerusalem Publish printed a disturbing report on the coaching of Ukrainian far-right militias by American, British, French and Canadian armed forces. The issue is that the “collective West” tends to show a blind eye to those incestuous and perverse relationships with the intention to obtain its personal geopolitical targets. It’s supported by unscrupulous far-right biased medias in opposition to Israel, which are likely to approve the felony habits of those militias. This example has repeatedly raised Israel’s issues. This explains why Zelensky’s calls for to the Israeli parliament in March 2022 had been not effectively obtained and haven’t been profitable.

I encourage you to peruse the Jerusalem Publish piece for extra background on the west’s function in coaching teams that brazenly have a good time Hitler:

The report discovered that members of Centuria, a far-right group intent on reshaping Ukraine’s army to align with its ideology, obtained coaching from Western international locations whereas on the Hetman Petro Sahaidachny Nationwide Military Academy (NAA).

Centuria describes itself as a army order of “European traditionalist” army officers who intention to “defend” the “cultural and ethnic identification” of European peoples in opposition to “Brussels’ politicos and bureaucrats,” in response to the report. The group is led by individuals with ties to Ukraine’s far-right Azov motion. Members have been photographed giving Nazi salutes and have made extremist statements on-line.

The American individuals are inundated with a barrage of propaganda that portrays the Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias as principled patriots preventing a communist horde. The army forces we’re supporting in Ukraine should not Jeffersonian democrats dedicated to the concept, “that every one males are created equal, that they’re endowed by their Creator with sure unalienable Rights, that amongst these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness“. Our political class in the US is betting on the ignorance of their constituents with the intention to spend billions of {dollars} in propping up the Ukrainian Authorities and Military. I for one am praying they lose that wager.

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