Eric Swalwell Coolly Reminds Madison Cawthown That He’s Done

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) had a brutally effective reply when soon-to-be-former Rep. Madison Cawthorn popped up to try to criticize Biden.

The exchange:

Soon to be unemployed Cawthorn showed that he doesn’t understand supply and demand. There is not a gasoline shortage. People can buy gasoline. The issue is that oil companies are overcharging for the supply and artificially inflating prices while at the same time refusing to increase supply to bring prices down.

The idea that Cawthorn, who was once hyped by Trump as a rising star in the Republican Party, might very well see his political career at the nation level end before he turns 27, is the reality that he must face.

Rep. Swalwell was right. In politics, once you lose, you’re irrelevant.

The political discourse moves forward, and the governmental system goes on, and thanks to Republican voters in North Carolina, it is going on without Madison Cawthorn.

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