Doug Mastriano was registered to vote in New Jersey his whole life until he ran in Pennsylvania

It seems like Doug Mastriano came out of the army ready to continue a legacy from New Jersey. New Jersey is where his mother, Janice, was once trounced from her position on the East Windsor Regional Board of Education for being an old-timey homophobe, comparing homosexuality to pedophilia. That was back in 2000, when she reportedly told the Trenton Times, ”I wouldn’t want a known homosexual camping with my boys, because you know most of them are pedophiles, too.”

Around the same time, as the Washington Post reported in May, Mastriano’s 2001 master’s thesis paper was uncovered. In it, he warned that the United States was vulnerable to a left-wing “Hitlerian Putsch.” 

In it, Mastriano adopts the point of view of a colonel who is living in 2018—some 17 years in the future—and has taken refuge in an “isolated cavern” in the George Washington National Forest. The military’s collapse, in his telling, allowed a left-wing leader obsessed with “political correctness” and backed militarily by the United Nations and the European Union to rise to power in a struggle that led to the deaths of millions of Americans.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that after Mastriano’s victory in the GOP gubernatorial primary, Mastriano’s victory speech didn’t touch on a single thing that voters of his newly adopted state have said they were interested in hearing policy about. Instead, he said this:

“Like the media and the left did over all the years and said follow the science, we’re going to exactly do that and follow the science, so that means only biological females can play on biologically female teams.”

No matter where he’s from, or who he’s representing, one thing about Doug Mastriano is always true: He doesn’t care about his constituents or their needs. He cares about punching down and using his power to further hurt the most vulnerable among us. 


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