Connect! Unite! Act! Celebrating the Liberation League

The Daily Kos Liberation League offers readers a chance to go through stories that hit on every issue that impact our civil liberties. It is a go-to primer for me and many others to catch up on issues of the day that matter when we want to dig deeper into why we need to elect more Democratic candidates. 

When we think about why we are voting, why we are motivated to work for a candidate, and the America we want to build, some of the issues that mean the most to us are ones that have significant emotional weight. The stories can be gut-wrenching, like Aysha Qamar’s telling of hate speech against Asian American Pacific Islanders, or address profound inequity, like Rebekah Sager’s article on the refusal of prosecutors to drop charges against Breonna Taylor protesters.

These stories unfortunately don’t always get the attention they deserve in the forms of recommends or direct action, but by having a centralized location to find stories about the need we all have to make a better America, the Daily Kos Liberation League delivers on the promise of offering a framework of actions and stories that inform our users about the world around them, beyond stories that dominate the news.

Let’s face it, I can turn on any news network and hear nonstop stories about any trending story of the day, but if you want to hear about high school students having their student newspaper shuttered because of their commitment to equity, then the Liberation League is a source that delivers every day.

If you’ve read True Blue Majority’s fantastic article about building circles, then you know that we need action going into the November election in order to carry forward our energy to the ballot box. When you knock on a door, when you talk to a stranger, and when you talk to your friends, they may all know the same information—they hear that on a loop. Bringing our circles together with information that drives us, through compassion and commitment, is what gets people up off of a couch, out of their house, and out the door. 

This week, that’s what Connect! Unite! Act! is all about. Early voting begins in many states within the next 30 days. Yes, that’s right, you absolutely can (and should) vote before Election Day. Make sure your vote gets in. Don’t be surprised by a storm that keeps you at home on Election Day; don’t wait and let your chance slip by because the line is long. Let those around you know that voting is cool. Ask the voters in Kansas and Alaska.

Get out there. This is the year to reset expectations. The Daily Kos Liberation League shows us what is at stake, and we all have the opportunity to participate.

How do you plan on participating in the election this year?

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