British Filmmaker Releases Chilling Trailer of Trump Movie ‘Unprecedented’

British filmmaker Alex Holder released the trailer for his film Unprecedented, with video and interviews created on and around January 6th, 2021. Fittingly, Holder is testifying in front of the House Select Committee this Thursday and he has already turned over the entirety of his footage earlier in the week. Equally pertinent is that news of the documentary and its powerful footage comes on the heels of Chairman Bennie Thompson’s announcement – also on Wednesday – that the last two public hearings will be moved back to July due to new evidence that requires further analysis.

The trailer is in the tweet below and reporting from The Hill follows:

According to The Hill:

In the trailer for the Discovery+ documentary “Unprecedented,” released Wednesday, Trump and his adult children are each seen sitting down for interviews.

“I think I treat people well, unless they don’t treat me well, in which case you go to war,” Trump tells filmmakers.

Asked if he would be willing to talk about what happened at last year’s Capitol riot, Trump replies, “Yep.”

Given that it is Donald Trump, the quotation focused upon the possibility that others “don’t treat [him] well” and his resulting decision to “go to war said without regard to what the law requires. It is difficult to emphasize just how little regard Trump had for the law and Constitution in this country. The irony couldn’t be sharper given that the Founders envisioned the presidency as the office that would enforce the laws.

But the one quote available, the Trump measuring what he’ll do depending upon how people treat him is the perfect synopsis of his presidency, one that was entirely transactional with no room for principles, values, or something greater than him and his own personal needs. The quote is near perfect and precisely aligns with what we’re hearing from the witnesses at the hearings.



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