“Blatantly Unconstitutional” – Soros-Backed Florida Prosecutor: Governor DeSantis “Does Not Have the Authority to Suspend Me” (VIDEO)

Governor Ron DeSantis this week suspended Soros-backed Florida prosecutor Andrew Warren.

DeSantis suspended the state attorney because he refused to enforce Florida’s abortion laws.

“Warren said that it doesn’t matter what the legislature does in the state of Florida. He is going to exercise a veto over that. He’s also instituted policies of ‘presumptive non-enforcement’…that is not consistent with the role of a prosecutor. You can exercise discretion in individual case, but that discretion has to be individualized and case specific,” DeSantis said as he announced Warren’s suspension.

Andrew Warren ran to the lefty media to complain about DeSantis’ decision to suspend him, calling the move “blatantly unconstitutional.”

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“[DeSantis] does not have the authority to suspend me … the people elected me to serve in this position and I am going to continue doing it,” Warren said on CBS News on Friday.


Warren argued DeSantis’ abortion ban is unconstitutional.

“The governor’s abortion ban is unconstitutional. So, I am the one upholding the law,” Warren said.


Ron DeSantis’ spokeswoman Christina Pushaw responded to Warren’s absurd claims.

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