3 people died and 39 homes were damaged after house explosion in Indiana

“There could be other victims, we have not completed our search,” Connelly said. “The buildings are not yet safe to enter.”

“Initial survey of the damage is that 39 houses have been damaged from either severe to minor damage,” the chief added.

Evansville is about three hours from southwest of Indianapolis.

In a post on Twitter, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke shared photos from the scene showing destroyed and damaged homes and piles of debris and said first responders and local departments will “keep residents in the Willemette Village/Wesselman Park neighborhoods safe and informed.”

A structural collapse team was called in to survey buildings that were thought to be in danger of collapsing.

Multiple agencies are on the scene and authorities have asked residents to stay away from the area.

An investigation of the incident is underway, Connelly added.

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